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Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, Miracle Players Foundation donations have supported multiple research projects within the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, including:

  • Drs. Koh and Watt are collaborating on a new laboratory research project to uncover metabolic pathway defects in neuroblastoma. Identifying these pathways may lead to new treatments for this very common yet difficult to cure childhood cancer.
  • Dr. Zheng launched a new, two-year laboratory study of how the SRC oncogene causes rhabdomyosarcoma and whether it can be blocked by drugs in a new treatment strategy.
  • Dr. Skapek launched a research project to understand how a tumor suppressor gene, called ARF, functions in developing cancer cells as well as the gene’s potential therapeutic role.
  • Drs. Leavey and Leger are assessing whether a recently-discovered nucleic acid, microRNA, can be measured in the blood stream to predict risk of heart muscle weakness, a side effect of a commonly-used chemotherapy.
  • Drs. Skapek and Helmig are studying growth factor signaling in osteosarcoma in order to uncover new proteins that can be blocked as a treatment strategy.
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